Feb 15, 2007

IT management - what programmers want

Recently I had a project to build a restaurants reviews site.

We successfully did 25% of the work during a week. Suddenly a customers said to stop, throw out the code, take a ready-made constructor PHPFox and go on customizing it.

His idea was that to buy a ready-made code customize it will be faster and cheaper then writing the custom system.
Despite I said it will be much faster to complete the system, he just wanted to get the existing additional functionality of PHPFox instead of developing (and paying for it).

I choosed an option to discontinue the project, keeping the small advance that did not cover the amount of work done.
The most importaint reason was that I don't want to work with the old platform.
PHPFox is an out-of-the-box solution, intended to be sold to as many people as possible. It has to be compatible with older releases and old platform - so it keep an old ideology.
That's not what I like to work with! I like to do something new :)

Today I saw a great article Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money

It is great. If you plan to do a successfull IT project, you will depend on your developers, and you will need good reationships with them. Please read the article, cause it's very true.

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