Feb 3, 2007

web, control over the business and open-source

A customer sent me a link to an interesting article:
Zend seeks a sustainable open-source model

I think it has a couple of interesting ideas.

1. Many businesses based on the open-source double the revenue each year.
That's a good and stable trend, and I saw better results for the correctly managed web projects.

2. An old generation of IT businessmen still can't realize what to do with the open source.
I mean the phrase
the company does not have "complete control" over the project
Control, control, control ... world is divided by the spheres of influence between USA and USSR ... companies own their means of production ...

Time to forget that.
In IT it's all a matter of user satisfaction, flexibility and speed.
The essence of a "byte" is being transferred, it does not exist in a static form, same as light.

I don't even know how to approach the flexibility of the open-source from the "control" concept.

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