Mar 18, 2007

new york times for lamers

A customer of mine sent me an article from New York times: "Popularity Might Not Be Enough". Along 3 screens of text they chew that life is hard, internet is not a place where money fall for doing nothing, and "for a general-interest site to generate $50 million" per month the site has to have "billions page views a month". Did I miss something or they are just comedians?

Especially I laughed over "new technologies that could allow I.S.P.’s to identify the biggest bandwidth users". Technologies to track statistics of traffic consumed per user is something new?
If ISP sells "unlimited traffic" package - it is not bound to bandiwidth. If it's "to identify the biggest bandwidth" - it is not "unlimited". In the worst case unlimited packages will become more expensive and ISPs will offer the "per-GB" packages again.

Why do people waste so much time for freebie hunting and fake fears ... infantility?

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