Apr 8, 2007

AJAX - beware! (of illiterate journalists)

Today I read an article in the informationweek site that describes a totally fatal security issue in Web 2.0 techniques existing in all popular frameworks.

I think, maybe I should hire some student girl able to write articles?
I will give her a set of keywords on web development subject and ask to write 20 articles proclaiming problems and close fall of google/yahoo/ms/web2.0/youtube/myspace/widgets/vista/open source
Some kind of the end of the world forecasts in IT...

The most importaint for such articles is to have killing titles, all figures should be per cents from some other data that is not provided.
E.g. "60% of the open-source widget frameworks are unstable and provide critical security issues".

Seriously, it may work ... not as a source of info of course, but if I place ADs all around the page and link articles to each other, it will be a nice form of a doorway :)

Apr 2, 2007

professional web developer characteristics

I met a wonderful article:
What separates a professional PHP web developer from a scripter?

It is probably the first case where I see a definitive list that can be used to make a formal test and make a rather correct descision based on it - whether the PHP developer is a professional or not.
I consider it much more adequate then those BrainBench tests with questions on some strange topics that a real developer will never meet in practice.
(I got some master sertificates on brainbench in web technologies, think it's a waste of time)