Apr 2, 2007

professional web developer characteristics

I met a wonderful article:
What separates a professional PHP web developer from a scripter?

It is probably the first case where I see a definitive list that can be used to make a formal test and make a rather correct descision based on it - whether the PHP developer is a professional or not.
I consider it much more adequate then those BrainBench tests with questions on some strange topics that a real developer will never meet in practice.
(I got some master sertificates on brainbench in web technologies, think it's a waste of time)


Natalie said...

as my opinion the professional php developer has many important points of web development skills for developing the websites according to new way of search . . a scripter only makes to create the coding of the some web pages . .in some web language; web 2.0 development company

James Martin said...

I think PHP development is a full time professional job and it is changing time to time as new things are introduced in this field. So PHP developer must have skills to update and adapt new things which is very important part of this field. custom web applications development service