May 10, 2007

US hunt down E-gold

E-Gold Indicted for Money Laundering

Pity, it was a convenient and fast way to get money.
Yes, it was a favorite payment system for fraudsters, casinos, and others. But it was a good way for hundreds of thousands of programmers in Europe and Asia to get payments from the western customers.
Will there be less fraud when e-gold get closed? I am sure it will not.
But US government decided to kill rats by burning the house.
Now we (web developers) got one more problem in our lifes.


Mark Herpel said...

Well they are still open and operating -business as usual- but no one knows how long that will last. You can take a look at Pecunix Digital Gold Currency and Webmoney Digital Currency
These are both popular and very successful operations, neither of which as legal problems. I use these to pay associates in Egypt and Europe.


Grigori Kochanov said...

I would also add a notice about AlertPay ( It looks very interesting, though they really slow down with delivering what they promised - years pass but the service is still not 100% operational. Also, I did not manage to get a verified status.