Aug 1, 2007

new virtual server

I took a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from today for my projects.
Among the first things I did was watching the security log /var/log/secure

First lines of the logs are:
Aug 1 08:34:01 server sshd[15581]: Server listening on port 22.
Aug 1 08:37:39 server sshd[30537]: Accepted password for root from port 2781
means, someone accessed the server as root 3 minutes after it was started

Now imagine my shock when `whois` shown the "Belarus republic" as country.
A large US hosting provider hires administrators in the "black-listed" country?
Or Belorussian hacked the servers in 3 minutes after it's installed???
I even wrote support a question.

And the fact is that they have a "Minsk office" in Belarus.
Nice, now US is a place where Russian admins set up servers for Russian programmers.
And Bush politics does not matter ;)

And should I mention, this is probably the 1st time I see the latest version of PHP is already installed correctly with Apache 1.3, which means admins did it themselves, and there were almost all development packages I usually miss in the fresh-installed Red Hat distributives.

Now I'll check how stable their network and system are.

~ August 10, 2007
the server is stable, configuration is a really good one.
The only problem I see is the very slow disk operations.
Looks like their hard disks are overloaded and it takes significant time to do anything involving operations with files. For my tasks it is not critical.

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