Mar 21, 2008

Mirrors project public start

Hurray! We completed the PHP scripts for web proxies (anonymizers).

The story started 3 years ago when I published the code for web proxies on the The code became popular, I received hundreds of emails.

Then I approached the idea more seriously and launched a web proxy site -
It worked unexpectedly well - the popularity was going up by 10% per week without my attention until it overloaded the server (pretty weak one, need to mention).
Optimization allowed the site to process 1-2 thousands users per day with 2 GB of daily traffic. In about a year due to personal reasons I turned off the site.

Now I restore the project with much bigger expectations.
The code written will be published as open source, so everyone can download it and set up a good web proxy site.

I will launch at least 10 sites for myself which will point each other, creating a whole network of web proxies.
Later other people willing to join a network will be invited.

The current plan is to reach 100 000 users per day.

First site is launched by an old domain:

Tanks for attention, I will keep posting about the progress.